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70 years of being loved by everyone.
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This hair restorer is for you

Hair growth cream for facial and body hair

 Introducing MICROGEN PASTAE, an effective cream for promoting hair growth on areas such as eyebrows, beard, chest hair, and pubic hair, excluding scalp hair and eyelashes.

 Key Features:

・Approved by the Japanese government as Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs (Type-1).

・Formulated with two types of androgenic hormones.

・Cream-based topical application for easy administration.

 MICROGEN PASTAE is a breakthrough solution for individuals seeking to enhance hair growth on various parts of their face and body. Unlike traditional hair growth treatments that focus solely on scalp hair or eyelashes, MICROGEN PASTAE targets other areas where hair growth is desired.

 Our product has obtained official approval from the Japanese government as an OTC medication, ensuring its safety and quality. With the inclusion of two types of androgenic hormones in the formula, MICROGEN PASTAE stimulates hair follicles, promoting natural and healthy hair growth.

 The cream-based formulation of MICROGEN PASTAE makes it easy to apply and ensures convenient use. The cream can be effortlessly spread over the desired areas, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively.

Whether you are looking to enhance your eyebrows, fill in your beard, or promote hair growth on your chest or pubic area,   MICROGEN PASTAE provides a reliable and scientifically supported solution. Experience the confidence and satisfaction that come with a fuller and well-groomed appearance. Choose MICROGEN PASTAE for effective and convenient hair growth on your face and body.

남녀 모두의 무모증, 빈모증


Hair follicle disease and hypotrichosis for both male and female

(Hair growth promotion and hair fostering for face, chest, limbs, armpit, and genital area)


Active ingredients Content Methyltestosterone 10mg Testosterone propionate 5mg(Per 1 g)

Contains stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil,glyceryl stearate, paraben, petrolatum, cholesterol, photosensitizer 301, and flavoring as additives.  

Dosage and administration

Rub 0.1 g to 0.3 g of the product onto the desired site once or twice a day.

Detailed directions for use

Remove the cap and place the puncture top onto the seal to open. Depending on the size of application site, apply the proper dose as follows:

・For eyebrows, apply about 0.1 g (size of a bean) once or twice a day. Lightly rub onto eyebrows from the inner ends toward outer ends.

・For hairlessness or thinning body hair (pubic hair), apply 0.1 g to 0.3 g once or twice a day.

・Be careful not to touch the mucous membrane part and rub it onto the lower abdomen.

・For beard and chest hair, etc., rub on 0.1 g to 0.3 g depending on the size of application site. Apply once or twice a day and spread well with fingers.

・Be careful not to apply too much.

History of Keihodo Pharmaceutical

 Keihodo Pharmaceutical has been serving customers for nearly 70 years since the release of our hair growth product, Microgen Pasta, in 1953. We have been dedicated to meeting the desires of individuals seeking hair growth solutions for eyebrows, beards, and body hair, apart from scalp hair.

 Our founder, Saburo Nakajima, began his career at the Dai-Nippon Yubenkai Koudansya in 1917 while simultaneously initiating a service to send imported goods to magazine readers in remote areas. This innovative venture laid the foundation for what is now known as remote sales or mail-order businesses. Saburo Nakajima later became the General Manager of the Commercial Division at Koudansya.

 Drawing from his experiences, in 1930, Saburo Nakajima successfully patented and released an eyelash curler called "Biura" as a side business. In 1931, we expanded our focus on hair-related healthcare by introducing the hair tonic Microgen and the hair remover Delaton.

 In 1935, Saburo Nakajima left Koudanksya and established Keihodo as a full-fledged business. Despite the factory being damaged during the war, amidst the chaos of the post-war era, we sold the remaining stock of "Biura" to a major cosmetics company. Using the proceeds from that sale, in 1953, we officially established Keihodo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and launched Microgen Pasta, a hair growth cream for eyebrows and body hair, as well as Microgen, a hair growth product for scalp hair.

 Keihodo Pharmaceutical continues to strive towards providing innovative and effective solutions for individuals seeking hair growth in various areas. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.


*The trademark and sales of "Biura" were later transferred to Mr. Kumama Okamoto of the Büehler Company, and the current registered trademark "Büehler" is owned by Mr. Kazuhisa Okamoto.

*The production of Microgen, the hair growth product for scalp hair, has been discontinued.

Across the Generations

 In the past, we have utilized famous celebrities as image characters and expanded our advertising not only in newspapers and magazines but also through television and radio commercials. As trends have evolved over time, the fashion for eyebrows has transitioned from the thick brows seen during 1980’s.

 Amidst these shifting trends, Microgen Pasta has continuously met the needs of those who have a strong focus on their eyebrows. We have adapted to the changing preferences and desires of individuals who want to enhance and shape their own eyebrows.

 Similarly, men's facial hair has also undergone a transformation. While it used to symbolize the image of a "strong man," it has now become a means of expressing fashion and lifestyle. Furthermore, while the focus often falls on hair thinning due to aging, it is important to note that eyebrows, facial hair, and even thinning of pubic hair can affect one's appearance. Those who seek eternal youthfulness understand the significance of "hair."

 Microgen Pasta has been addressing these concerns related to "body hair" across generations. We are committed to providing solutions that transcend time and meet the ongoing needs of individuals.

Contact information


Reception hours 9:00-17:00 (except weekends and holidays)

Manufactured and distributed by THE KEIHODO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.

1-22-3, Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL: 03-3821-0085 (Main)

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